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CARNIVAL JOB: SFX Lighting/Repairman. Primary duties are with lighting, but he is to handle repairs when he is not needed elsewhere. Fixing the lighting seems like a point of frequent and inevitable overlap.
JOINED: Game Start
POINTS: 30  

✧: Pointed teeth and elongated tusks 
✧: Physical strength & musculature increased.
✧: Mossy patches on the upper arms and torso.
✧: Pointed ears
✧: Small glow-in-the-dark stones along the shoulders
✩: Two sets of antlers; a large set at his temples, and a smaller set high on his forehead. 
✩: Plant growth of vines and small flowers in his hair

1ST CONTRACT: Contract good for a year and one day, due to accruing debt by shortchanging tickets at a carnival game.

CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] yunisverse, Yuni#0992 on Discord

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FREQUENCY: 864.83773

DESCRIPTION: Greg's usually got his radio on hand in case of lighting problems, which are more frequent than he'd hope.


LOCATION: Mailbox on Door

DESCRIPTION: A couple weeks after contract begins, an uneven, crooked wooden mailbox will appear outside his trailer. It works, though a firm wind might dislodge it. Shared with Steven.

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like dislike neutral


My pillar of strength.


She's doing what she always does, which is having a good time.


I guess this is happening.


Against all odds, he's a good kid.


Still not sure how she's doing. But, seems to be adjusting okay?


She makes food, she must be cool.


Smart, bright, determined, kind. Worth looking after.


Can't blame her for what happened. She means well.


Something about him puts me at ease. He reminds me of someone, I guess.


It's like if Spider-Man retired (but was still a hero (but pretended not to be)) and also was a skeleton dog..


Too young to be in the role he's given. Needs guidance, but I'm not sure how to give it.


He's a good kid, he just... needs a little something to get there.


No matter how tough it is for me here, she's a reminder that I can take it.


Sweet, clever, good to Chiaki. They make a good pair.


Just take a deep breath. It's gonna work out.


It's okay to ask for help, y'know.


Ok but those powers are kinda rad


Tickles my funny bone. Right? Get it??


Is he ok?


...is HE ok??


Are any of the veterans ok???
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Name: Sarah
Contact: [plurk.com profile] yunisverse
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Greg Universe
Age: 45
Species: Human
Canon: Steven Universe
Canon Point: After "Last One Out of Beach City"
Character Info: Greg on the SU Wiki
Personality: Greg often sticks to the sidelines, avoiding the more adventurous and fantastical aspects of the world he lives in and instead remaining happy with a fairly simple life with simple pleasures. In a world with magical space alien heroes, Greg worries a lot about getting in the way or slowing people down. When he was young, he found a great fascination in magic and those who were a part of it, but after the birth of his son he started to feel like an intruder in that realm, and feared his involvement would only end up hurting the people he cared about.

Fantastical matters are best left to the experts, but when it comes to mundane activities he is the absolute champion. He's glad to provide a low-stress environment for his son (or really anyone) to relax and feel at ease after all the stressful world-saving that goes on. No activity is too small not to appreciate, so long as you enjoy yourself doing it. Time spent on something that makes you happy, especially when shared with someone you care about, is enough reason all its own.

Some might see his laid back nature as lazy, especially since he gave up on his plans of stardom for a bland and low paying job, but Greg simply finds comfort in simplicity and familiarity. He doesn't push too far past his limits, which leads to a relatively unexciting life, but one he's relatively pleased with all the same. Even when he receives a veritable fortune that would allow him to change his entire life, Greg stays in his humble and comfortable ways.

What Greg will go a long way for, however, is the people in his life. For the sake of his loved ones, there's nothing he won't do. Considering his loved ones often go on life-threatening missions that's saying a lot, but Greg will go if he feels he's needed, trembling knees or no. Even if all he can do is provide transportation and a nice soundtrack, he'll do whatever he can to make sure his family and friends feel supported.

More often than not, though, his form of support involves sharing some nice junk food, putting on a good record, and just hanging out. Greg is not an exciting man, but he's a good man, and in the end that's more important, isn't it?

Abilities: Greg's a plain mortal human with no supernatural abilities at all. What he does have is:
  • MUSICIAN: Guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, sound mixer... pretty much any step in the songmaking process, Greg can handle. Comfortable with most common instruments.
  • STAGE MANAGER: Experience in lighting, SFX, equipment setup, etc. Had to handle large portions of setting up his shows because his manager was such a useless hack.
  • HANDYMAN: Hardly an expert carpenter or plumber, but competent handling most tools and has a knack for getting things working with the cheapest materials available. Will built you a bunk bed.
  • GREAT HUGGER: Very warm, very soft, built like a teddy bear. Wants you to feel safe and loved.

Soul Colour: A deep yellow-orange
Ideal Jobs: Lighting/SFX Tech or Repairman
Relevant Experience: In his performing days, nearly all matters of tech and lighting for his performances were his own doing, because his manager was a useless hack. He's got years of basic handyman and carpenter experience in building and repairing a house, keeping his old car running, and basically maintaining everything he can on a very low budget.
Reason for Joining: A Universe family outing brought Greg and Steven to the carnival, where they had a grand old time with rides and fried foods and such. Greg made it through most of the day largely lucking his way out of accruing debt.
Near the end of the night, however, he got into a dart game competition with one of the staff, vying to win a stuffed souvenir for Steven to remember the night by. Greg made the mistake of paying the same as Carly, who had a staff discount, and ended up shortchanging the game stand. Having been fairly loose with his tickets the whole rest of the day, he didn't have enough left to make the difference. Greg was placed in debt of the carnival.
If it had just been that, he'd already feel utterly foolish for the simple mistake. Worse yet, Steven stayed under contract just to make sure Greg didn't have to go it alone. In other words, because of Greg's carelessness, he got his son wrapped up into a year of servitude with him. Greg feels completely wretched over it, and faces the oncoming year with nothing but dread. But... at least there's good company by his side.


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 Let me know if I need work! Anon's on.
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Player Name: Sarah
Plurk Handle: [plurk.com profile] yunisverse
Other characters: n/a

Character Name: Greg Universe
Fandom: Steven Universe
Character Journal: [personal profile] fragileandsoft
OU, AU, or OC? OU If canon, canon point: Post "Steven's Birthday"
PB: n/a
Superhero Name: none (yet--see Setting)
History: Greg on the SU Wiki
Additional OC and AU Background: n/a

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