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Lost Carnival IC contact


FREQUENCY: 864.83773

DESCRIPTION: Greg's usually got his radio on hand in case of lighting problems, which are more frequent than he'd hope.


LOCATION: Mailbox on Door

DESCRIPTION: A couple weeks after contract begins, an uneven, crooked wooden mailbox will appear outside his trailer. It works, though a firm wind might dislodge it. Shared with Steven.

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[Left in front of the door is... is that a fish? It's a fish bag. Well. That's one way to welcome someone into the Carnival.]

[Nestled in the depths is a playing card: the joker]

[A similar one is left for Steven.]
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[Nestled alongside a package for Steven is one for Greg as well, with a matching charm. There's a small note folded up inside, along with a joker playing card.]

Use in case of trouble, although it only works on the carnival grounds. Just touch it and think of the supervisor trailers, and it should take you there.

[When used, it'll indeed put him straight in the midst of the supervisor grove before the variety of trailers stacked on top of each other.]
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[Steven's been making seashell jewelry with the merfolk, and so naturally he's decided to share the wealth with his treasured friends. He'll either give it to you in person or via your mailbox. If in person, he'll pretty much just swim up to you and be like "Here! This is for you! I made it!" and if you get it in the mailbox it will have a note with it that basically says the same thing, plus a small doodle of a heart-shaped fish.

Steven has made Greg a starfish necklace. Imagine the beads are something more ocean appropriate. Let's be real, he'll definitely give this to Greg in person.]
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[ oct. 5th, portland au ]

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[ After this and going with the assumption they exchanged numbers at some point in time— ]

Just a heads up, Her Majesty isn't happy.
There's an unwanted faerie in town.
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[ Oh, he has a title for them, at least, but seeing how he didn't include that in his report to the Queen, Greg's out of luck for now. Sorry, man. ]

Just that they were claiming to be a Wyld Fae.
They have no affiliation to any Court.
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The other night.
They don't like it when you tear their posters down, apparently.
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Could be, though they mentioned the Count to me, not the Queen.
I think they'll pick a fight with any of them, doesn't matter which.
I guess I'll find out for sure soon enough since the Queen told me to take them a message.
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No point risking anyone else.
I think the most I could get away with is letting backup stay just outside the woods.
Besides, they seemed

[ Friendly? That's too weird a word to use for a faerie. It makes no sense. ]

As much as a faerie can be.

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Wouldn't have it any other way.
Between my shadows and turning into a bird, if I can't escape on my own, I probably didn't deserve to.
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No promises.

[ though honestly they'll probably see each other at the fair anyway, it should be great, what could possibly go wrong? ]